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Located about 70 kilometres north of Carnarvon along sealed roads, the Blowholes form a natural spectacle as the ocean is forced through sea caves before exploding out through holes in the rock. Depending on the swell the spray can often reach up to 20 metres high.

The Blowholes are in a pristine coastal strip where you'll also find white sandy beaches and a coral reef just offshore.

Just one kilometre south of the Blowholes is a beautiful beach perfect for swimming and snorkelling.

You can prise oysters from nearby rocks, while crayfish can be caught amongst the reef.

Mother Nature's power is evident in this part of the world so be mindful of tides and the potential for king waves.

To reach the Blowholes travel along the North West Coastal Highway north of Carnarvon. Camping is allowed. Please note fresh water is not available at the Blowholes, so ensure you have a decent supply before leaving Carnarvon.

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